Who is Antonio?

Antonio is a native Colombian who has been an East Bay Realtor since 1985. He was first a world traveler with dreams of becoming a Simultaneous Interpreter and Translator. He lived, studied and worked in Europe for many years and visited some twenty-five countries.

The people skills acquired during his extensive times abroad have enriched his practice of Real Estate. There was a time when he read, wrote and translated five languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German and English.

Antonio lives in San Leandro where he is a full-time Realtor and active in the community. He enjoys playing racquetball, painting and long walks in the neighborhood. In 1998 he discovered Ballroom Dancing, and it was through dancing the he met his bride-to-be, Real Estate and dance partner, Alexia McGowan.

Who is Alexia?

Alexia was born and raised in Oakland. She trained in ballet from age four to seventeen and has always loved dancing, but had

decided to not go professional. Many years went by without dancing for her until she took up Ballroom Dancing in 2000, when she met Antonio.

Before becoming a Realtor, Alexia spent twenty-five years in corporate Health Care as a Director of Credentials and Quality Assurance departments for several large HMOs. She also consulted for and with medical associations.

In 2001, with encouragement from Antonio, she made a career change to become a Realtor. Antonio and Alexia have been dancing and working together since.

This high-energy, hard working couple is extremely dedicated to their jobs. They have extensive training and experience and specialize in the high tech end of Real Estate business. Their Web page includes their personalized “Visual Tours” of every listing they take.This tool maximizes the seller's home exposure to the greatest numbers of people and creates a unique marketing that very effectively and quickly benefits their clients.

They work out of their home office in Estudillo Estates in San Leandro, California. When not selling Real Estate they can probably be found on a dance floor, including endless hours of practice in their own ballroom that Antonio had built onto his home.

Dancing is a passion for them and they compete locally and nationwide against other amateurs, and increasingly against professionals. A favorite competition for them is in the International Standard Style, which includes a set of five dances, the Waltz, the Tango, the Viennese Waltz, The Fox-trot and the Quickstep.

Their passion for dancing also has them dressing up in their elaborate competition costumes during midday in the middle of the week to perform at local senior centers, at schools as well as for Scout troops, Girls & Boys Clubs, hospitals and anywhere else they might be invited.

Antonio & Alexia also paint vibrant dancing figures on glass as a hobby and they donate these wherever they perform as a sort of trademark. Their upbeat, high-energy demonstrations are appreciated and in much demand. They train by attending group classes, taking weekly private lessons and practicing in their private ballroom. They are regulars at the “Just Dance Ballroom” in Oakland, CA.

“After we dance, we typically like to encourage people to ask us anything they want about Ballroom Dancing, and this is a very special time for us.” says Alexia. “We encourage people to take up dancing. Dancing keeps us physically and socially very active, and we have met some wonderful people while dancing. After all… I am marrying one of them soon!” She winks while looking at Antonio.

“Real estate is like dancing.” says Antonio. “You need to know where you are, and where you are going at all times. You have to have a plan and execute it perfectly. And above all, you need to be accountable to all those involved. Experience, knowledge, and 100% commitment is absolutely necessary. It is the same on the dance floor as it is in any
real estate transaction”

Antonio & Alexia were married in Oakland, on May 22nd, 2004. They reside on Estudillo Avenue, in the beautiful city of San Leandro, CA. where they have their private real estate office and also their private Ballroom.

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