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write2me2's Album: Bay-O-Vista aerial photos
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Free Ballroom Dance Demonstrations
by Antonio & Alexia

Date Time Place Organization Public Invited
2/15/07 Noon Greek Ortho. Church Valentine Celebration No - Senior Group Lunch
2/23/07 7:00 PM Castlewood C. Club Valentine Celebration No - Private Group
8/25/07 6:00 PM Just Dance Ballroom Dance Competiiton Yes - 510-436-9888
10/31/06 7:00 PM New Dance Studio Oak Just Dance

Yes, Call 510-436-9888

11/03/06 7:00 PM Club Sport Pleasanton 25 Year Anniversary Yes, Call us for more info.
12/20/06 11:00AM Summit Medical Center Goodwill Visit No.

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